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Volkswagen Innovation Day

UNINOVA and RICS research group participated in the VW AutoEuropa Innovation Day in Palmela on November 11th,2019. During this event several participants from universities, companies and entrepreneurship organizations networking, learning and finding new opportunities.
The RICS MARS and I2MS groups showed some demonstrators about their research work in robotics, industry 4.0 and data science areas. New opportunities for future research projects and collaborations were established by the RICS' participants.

Kick-Off Meeting of the Horizon 2020 AVANGARD

The kick-off meeting of the Horizon 2020 AVANGARD Project, took place in Torino on October 24th. This meeting was held at PRIMA INDUSTRIE S.p.A. premises. During the meeting, the coordinator made an overview of the project and each partner was asked to introduce themselves and their responsibilities and tasks in the AVANGARD project. WPs leaders had also to describe the global work for their WP and discuss the next steps to be carried out inside it.
Prof. Dr. Eng. Jose Barata and Dr. Sanaz Nikghadam represented UNINOVA in this KOM. Prof. Dr. eng. Jose Barata as the RICS leader presented a short description of RICS and UNINOVA and overviewed the work and activities for WP2. The meeting was also a good opportunity for networking with European industrial and academic players and opening new opportunities for future international collaborations. The UNINOVA suggestion for organizing the WP2 kickoff meeting in Portugal in January was received positively by the involved partners. After the meeting, a very interesting guided visit to the PRIMA Industries new machines was offered. The design of the project logo was also assigned to the UNINOVA team.

LiDAR UAV tests

RICS is performing several field tests using its novel LiDAR equipped UAV. Creating high-fidelity Digital Terrain Models (DTM) for the FoCOR project.

Currently, the LiDAR payload is being tested for robustness and airworthiness before being subjected to the harsh conditions of prescribed and rekindle operations.

GO0DMAN project - Final Review Meeting

The final review meeting of the Horizon 2020 GO0DMAN project, toke place at Octobre, 20th. This meeting toke place in Portugal, at Volkswagen Autoeuropa. During the meeting, the consortium demonstrated the utilization of the GO0DMAN environment in a real production line, in the context of the automotive industry. Hence, RICS finishes one more project with promising results for the European industry.


RICS attended the IEEE Industrial Informatics Conference (IEEE INDIN 2019) in Finland.

The paper with the title "Agent-based Plug and Produce Cyber-Physical Production System – Test Case " during the special session "Integration of Software Agents and Low-Level Automation Functions ". This paper demonstrates the research developed in RICS regarding the design, development and integration of plug and produce systems. This project was developed in collaboration with the P2660.1 - "Recommended Practices on Industrial Agents: Integration of Software Agents and Low Level Automation Functions " Working Group from IEEE."


Ciência Viva 2019 - "Construir drones - Uma das maneiras mais divertidas de aprender!"

RICS has participated in the Ciencia Viva 2019 initiative. This Portuguese government initiative is composed of several experiences along all the country, aiming to stimulate the interest on science and technology among teenagers.
In the case of the RICS contribution Eduarto Pinto spent the day woth some teenagers teaching them how to build a drone.

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Projects' Portfolio

Please find bellow the list of research projects where the RICS group has or had a relevant role along time


Advanced manufacturing solutions tightly aligned with business needs

- Oct 2019 - Oct 2022


Digital Manufacturing and Design Training Network

- May 2019 - April 2023

Future YAMMI

Investigação e Desenvolvimento de funcionalidades de próxima geração para robots de cozinha inteligentes, autónomos e convenientes

Jun 2018 - Mai 2021


Fortificação de uva em zinco para vinho branco e tinto (Biofortification of Grapes with Zn)

- Oct 2017 - Mar 2021


Biofortificação de Tomate para Processamento Industrial e em Modo de Produção Biológica (Biofortification of Tomato with Mg, Zn e Fe)

- Oct 2017 - Sep 2020


Biofortificação de Batata em Calcio (Biofortification of Potato with Ca)

- Oct 2017 - Sep 2020


Biofortificação de Pera Rocha em Calcio (Biofortification of Pear with Ca)

- Oct 2017 - Sep 2020


Intelligent Cloud Based Environment for Precision Agriculture using Remote Sensing Technology

- Dec 2017 - Nov 2019


Agent Oriented Zero Defect Multi-Stage Manufacturing

- Oct 2016 - Sep 2019


Sistema de Inspecção Automático para Veículos

- Apr 2016 - Apr 2018


Production harmonized Reconfiguration of Flexible Robots and Machinery

- Oct 2015 - Sep 2018


Open dynamic Manufacturing Operating System for Smart Plug-and-Produce Automation Components

- Oct 2015 - Sep 2018


Seamless Human-Robot Cooperation for Intelligent, Flexible and Safe Operations in the Assembly Factories of the Future

Nov 2013 - Apr 2017


Collaborative Environment for Eco-Design of Product-Services and Production Processes Integrating Highly Personalized Innovative Functions

- Oct 2013 - Sep 2017


Desenvolvimento de um Sistema Robótico Terrestre para Monitorização Radiológica e de metais Pesados

- Jan 2013 - Dec 2014


Plug and Produce Intelligent Multi Agent Environment based on Standard Technology

- Nov 2012 - Oct 2015

Echord Riverwatch

Development of an Autonomous Multi-robot System for Ecological Monitoring of Riverine Environments

- Feb 2012 - Jul 2013


Cost-driven Adaptive Factory based on Modular Self-Contained Factory Units

- Sep 2010 - Aug 2013


Instantly Deployable Evolvable Assembly Systems

- Apr 2010 - Mar 2013


Reliable Self-Learning Production Systems Based on Context Aware Services

- Nov 2009 - Oct 2012


NEtworked MOnitoring & COntrol Diagnostic for Electrical Distribution

- Jul 2009 - 30 Jun 2012


Sistema Robótico Automatizado de Aplicação Universal para Diferentes Metodologias de Controlo

- May 2011 - April 2013


Sistema Avançado de Vigilância Baseado em Agentes

- June 2010 - May 2012


- Dec 2009 - Aug 2012


Evolvable Ultra-Precision Assembly Systems

- Nov 2004 - Mar 2009


Applied Agile Assembly

- Jun 2006 – May 2009

AMI 02

Service Robot for Demining (IntRoSys)

- Jan 2004 – Dec 2007

EC-FP6 Strep InLife

Integrated Ambient Intelligence and Knowledge-Based Services for Optimal Life-Cycle Impact of Complex Manufacturing and Assembly Lines

- Nov 2005 - Oct 2008


Please find bellow info About the RICS research group, namely the "Mission Statement", "Who and Where", as well as the description of each one of the two research branches of the group: the I2MS and the MARS.

  • Mission Statement

    RICS is a university based research group with a long history in European RTD projects. Our ultimate objective is to enrich the knowledge and experience of our stakeholders, including graduate students, to produce high quality researchers and create value for society. This could be achieved by constructing a bridge between University and Industry and supporting the life cycle of scientific solutions for unsolved industrial problems from innovative idea to imaginative, practica land value-enhancing results. The main asset of our International multi-disciplinary group is talented researchers as well as teamwork spirit which lead us to pursue Excellency in the area of Service robots and agile manufacturing system while we are trying to create value for industries by Connecting these two areas. Believing in global research engagement, MiddleEast, Africa and South America, as strategic Geopolitical regions, are our next destinations to enjoy contribution of emerging fresh young talent researchers and mature virgin industrial market. Cooperation, collaboration and engagement are key strategies to proceed our mission and to serve as a hub of international researchers. We are keen to build unique strength and international reputation as a leading research group and trustable partner for industries in the field of Industrial Complex System as well as Robotics.

  • Who and Where

    The Robotics & Industrial Complex Systems (RICS) group is located at UNINOVA - Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias (Lisbon - Portugal) affiliated to New University of Lisbon (Nova Lisboa Universidade). The RICS research group is both vertically and horizontally integrated enabling an effective and efficient decision-making process to run as a creative and innovative unit. All the results produced during the life-cycle of the research group will be used as the foundation for future research projects and for the definition of new research vectors. The group currently has several ongoing research projects both in European and national level, as well as, network of world class partners.

  • I2MS

    Industrial & Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

    The I2MS group has two main research avenues, First focus on the research and development of novel complex software architectures for controlling and monitoring a manufacturing production system at both shop-floor and management levels. In particular, at the management level, the main objective is the optimization of the decision-making process by improving the enterprise visibility. Second focus on the resolution of real industrial problems by applying software engineering techniques. In this case, a strong cooperation between the research team and the industry is the driver for innovation.

  • MARS

    Mobile and Autonomous Robotics

    The MARS System Lab, one of the two RICS branches, focus is on two research vectors. The first and main focus area is multi-robot cooperation and collaboration using shared perception and visual attention techniques. Developments that are subsequently applied to Industrial applications, Environmental, radio-logical monitoring, surveillance and, search and rescue operations. The second is a sub-product of the first where field and mobile robotics’ techniques are transferred to manufacturins production systems leveraging on the groups’ experience on both subjects. Furthermore, in both areas the research team aims innovation by being tightly linked with real useful applications and Industry Partners.

  • Be Part
    Of Our


Please find bellow the actual members of RICS, as well as former members and visitors

RICS Coordinator


João Paulo Pimentão

PhD, Researcher

Giovanni Di Orio

Researcher, PhD Student

Beatriz Salvado

MSc. Student


MSc. Student

João Matos

Researcher, MSc Student

Mafalda Parreira Rocha

Researcher, MSc Student

Guilherme Brito

Researcher, MSc Student

Pedro Monteiro

Researcher, PhD Student

João Barata

MSc Student


MSc. Student

Diogo Barata

MSc. Student

Paulo Rodrigues

MSc. Student

Raul Guilherme

MSc. Student

Ricardo Pombeiro

MSc. Student

Lino Castanheira




MSc. Student

Gentaro Miyaki


Ryota Koike




Koorosh Aslansefat

MSc. Student

Marta Cuenca

MSc. Student

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