RICS main strategies are now:

1) International collaboration more focused on MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and Portuguese language countries.

2) Developing the Group to cover wider area and to enter new domain of interdisciplinary works using the benefit of different disciplines to solve complex problems.

3) Support International talents in different ways such as grants, scholarships and so on with respect to differentiations of human beings.

4) Industrial engagement to build a bridge between academia and real industrial problems.

5)  Change the economic/income portfolio of the group by offering varieties of services and products to increase the level agility and resilience of the group.

6) Create well equipped lab to enhance operational skills considering the gap between academic knowledge trends and practical problems to support creative and innovative but applicable idea.

7) Developing a dynamic collaborative network to boost the ability and capability of dealing with challenging complex problems.

8) Enhancing the intangible assets of the group and strengthening continuous Learning culture through Knowledge management strategies and by creating Group repository of knowledge and experience.

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