The RICS Research Group has participated in the initiative called “Ciência Viva no Laboratório” (Science in the Lab), dedicated to potential researchers, between the 23rd and the 27th of July. The activity description was stated as follows:

“The main objectives are to encourage trainees to continue their school career in technological areas related to robotics (preferably in our faculty) and to demystify that robotics is a genius area. The construction of drones in this mini-stage allows to add for obvious reasons an attractive and motivating factor to the learning of concepts of robotics, allowing to mask some of the associated areas, considered traditionally difficult and not appealing to young people (Mathematics, Physics, etc …) .
During the internship we will also give the young participants the opportunity to visit and speak directly to researchers (some almost the same age
of them …) about the work carried out in various groups of the Electrical Engineering Department.”

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