RICS Member Beatriz Salvado presented her MSc Thesis entitled “Multispectral Imaging For Precision Agriculture Using Aerial Semantic Mapping“.

The quality of her work was recognized by the jury and she was awarded an 18 out of 20.

We desire all the best to Beatriz in her next challenge at Critical TechWorks.

Taking advantage of the NOVA FCT Industry Open Day Event on October 10th, 2018, The Robotics and Industrial Complex Systems (RICS) group started the RICS Industry Open Day Events together with several Industrial Partners. RICS Industry Open Day gave our partners a chance to network and see the RICS latest developments and attend a brainstorming session with the subject of “Changes & Challenges: New Approach to an Old Idea of University-Industry Collaboration”. Our partners also had the opportunity to visit the NOVA FCT Industry Open Day Event where they could contact NOVA FCT Industrial and Academical Partners.

Once again the REX exercise took place between 11/7 and 13/7 at Base Naval do Alfeite. This exercise brought together the research teams Mobile and Autonomous Robotics (MARS) from the Robotics and Industrial Complex Systems (RICS) and the team from the Portuguese Navy. Distinct exercises have been carried out simulating distinct scenarios in an environment close to a real scenario, namely testing the cooperation between two autonomous vehicles (Aerial and Aquatic) towards detecting and identifying migrant boats in the Mediterranean, for example.

The Mobile and Autonomous Robotics Systems branch of RICS has made several field sorties for the PERCAL – GO and INSTAGRI Projects.
Using the aerial footage acquired by the Vigil UAV, 3D models and NDVI imagery of the terrain were created. This information will be used by the researchers to assess the current progress and health of the studied crops.

RICS concept of INTMOB an autonomous intralogistics mobile unit won the INCM 2017 Innovation award.
The award was delivered by the  Portuguese Minister of the Presidency and of Administrative Modernisation
Maria Manuel Leitão Marques. The research project will now start its implementation phase in the next few months.

RICS is proud to announce the participation in the Future Yammi Project of Portugal 2020.The project aims to produce a new and improved Yammi Kitchen Robot. The initial kick-off meeting took place at the SONAE headquarters on the 10th of May 2018.

RICS – Robotic & Industrial Complex Systems at the 2nd Lisboa Robotic Talks, an event promoted by Câmara Municipal de LisboaJose Barata made a presentation on our research group, specifically about the robotic systems developed (Boat & UAV) on the scope of ECHORD Riverwatch and Drones4Right2Life. — at Lispolis – Polo Tecnológico Lisboa.

RICS main strategies are now:

1) International collaboration more focused on MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and Portuguese language countries.

2) Developing the Group to cover wider area and to enter new domain of interdisciplinary works using the benefit of different disciplines to solve complex problems.

3) Support International talents in different ways such as grants, scholarships and so on with respect to differentiations of human beings.

4) Industrial engagement to build a bridge between academia and real industrial problems.

5)  Change the economic/income portfolio of the group by offering varieties of services and products to increase the level agility and resilience of the group.

6) Create well equipped lab to enhance operational skills considering the gap between academic knowledge trends and practical problems to support creative and innovative but applicable idea.

7) Developing a dynamic collaborative network to boost the ability and capability of dealing with challenging complex problems.

8) Enhancing the intangible assets of the group and strengthening continuous Learning culture through Knowledge management strategies and by creating Group repository of knowledge and experience.