Evolvable ultra precision assembly systems

  • Call: FP6-IST-IP
  • Grant: 507978
  • Started: 1 November 2004
  • Duration: 60 Months
  • Partners: 4 Research Centers, 6 Universities, and 10 Companies.
  • Final Report – EUPASS (Evolvable Ultra-Precision Assembly Systems)


    EUPASS is a 6th framework Integrated Project on reconfigurable microassembly systems. The EUPASS project aimed to develop affordable, cost effective and sustainable ultra-precision manufacturing solutions by offering rapidly deployable ultra-precision assembly services on demand. This was achieved by developing and delivering a number of breakthrough technologies and solutions including:

  • European wide pilot infrastructure of depots of micro-assembly modules and integration software, enabling rapid configuration and deployment of flexible precision assembly systems with minimum investment cost.
  • Next generation ultra-precision enabling technologies, including modular high-precision manipulators, grippers and feeders.
  • Novel micro joining techniques including micro-mechanical joints, nano-dispensing, and laser welding.
  • Robust and legacy-compliant knowledge driven methodology, cost models and software tools to support the offering of rapidly deployable ultra-precision assembly services with low investment cost, high capacity utilisation and improved equipment reusability.
  • New standards for seamless integration of precision assembly modules and control systems using open architecture approach.

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