José Barata

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Universidade Nova de Lisboa / NOVA University of Lisbon

Short Bio

Dr. José Barata (M) is a professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the NOVA University of Lisbon and a senior researcher of the UNINOVA Institute. He coordinates the Group of Robotics and Industrial Complex Systems (RICS) that is composed of 4 PhDs and 12 PhD Students. He has a PhD degree in Robotics and Integrated Manufacturing since 2004 from the New University of Lisbon. Dr. Barata has participated in more than 15 International Research projects involving different programmes (NMP, IST, I … (more)

Research Interests

  • Artificial Inteligence,
  • Multiagent Systems,
  • Evolvable Production Systems,
  • Agile Manufacturing

  • Mobile Robotics,
  • Field Robotics,
  • Swarm Cognition,
  • Computer Vision,
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Top 3 Publications
    Citation Indexes

    all since 2012
    Citations 3127 1868
    h 29 22
    i10 88 58
    Service-oriented infrastructure to support the deployment of evolvable production systems
    G Cândido, AW Colombo, J Barata, F Jammes Industrial Informatics, IEEE Transactions on 7 (4), 759-767
    SOA in reconfigurable supply chains: A research roadmap
    G Cândido, J Barata, AW Colombo, F Jammes Engineering applications of artificial intelligence 22 (6), 939-949
    Coalition based approach for shopfloor agility
    J Barata Orion