Javad Jassbi

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Universidade Nova de Lisboa / NOVA University of Lisbon

Short Bio

Prof. Javad Jassbi is a senior researcher in Uninova, Nova University of Lisbon, and professor at the Department of Industrial Management in I.A.U., Science & Research branch. He received his BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1997, MSc in Strategic Management from I.A.U., and PhD in Industrial Management (System) in 2003. He did his Post-Doc in fuzzy knowledge-based systems in Nova University of Lisbon in 2005 and was invited as an Academic Visitor to Bristol Business School in 2010. He was the Head o … (more)

Research Interests

  • Application of Artificial Intelligence (Fuzzy Systems)
  • System Theory and modeling
  • Industrial Management
  • Top 3 Publications
    Citation Indexes

    all since 2012
    Citations 492 399
    h 11 9
    i10 12 9
    A Fuzzy DEMATEL framework for modeling cause and effect relationships of strategy map
    J Jassbi, F Mohamadnejad, H Nasrollahzadeh, Expert systems with Applications 38 (5), 5967-5973
    Using topsis method with goal programming for best selection of strategic plans in BSC model
    J Dodangeh, RM Yusuff, J Jassbi, Journal of American Science 6 (3), 136-142
    A comparison of mandani and sugeno inference systems for a space fault detection application
    JJ Jassbi, PJA Serra, RA Ribeiro, A Donati, Automation Congress, 2006. WAC’06. World, 1-8