Eduardo Pinto

PhD Candidate

Universidade Nova de Lisboa / NOVA University of Lisbon

Short Bio

Eduardo PINTO (Male), is pursuing is PhD on swarm and cooperative robotics at the NOVA University of Lisbon under the supervision of Prof. José Barata, while collaborating in several projects at UNINOVA. He received a B.Sc in electrical engineering from Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL) in 1991 and an electrical engineering degree in 1995 by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) from Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. He obtained a M.Sc. in 2002, also from IST, with a thesis on HIL- Hardware In L … (more)

Research Interests

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Citations 52 52
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On the design of a robotic system composed of an unmanned surface vehicle and a piggybacked vtol
E Pinto, P Santana, F Marques, R Mendonça, A Lourenço, J Barata Technological Innovation for Collective Awareness Systems, 193-200
An autonomous surface-aerial marsupial robotic team for riverine environmental monitoring: Benefiting from coordinated aerial, underwater, and surface level perception
E Pinto, F Marques, R Mendonça, A Lourenço, P Santana, J Barata Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO), 2014 IEEE International Conference on, 443-450
On collaborative aerial and surface robots for environmental monitoring of water bodies
E Pinto, P Santana, J Barata Technological Innovation for the Internet of Things, 183-191