Mission Statement

Robotic & Industrial Complex Systems (RICS) is a university based research group with a long history in European RTD projects. Our ultimate objective is to enrich the knowledge and experience of our stakeholders, including graduate students, to produce high quality researchers and create value for society.

This could be achieved by constructing a bridge between University and Industry and supporting the life cycle of scientific solutions for unsolved industrial problems from innovative idea to imaginative, practical and value-enhancing results.

The main asset of our International multi-disciplinary group is talented researchers as well as teamwork spirit which lead us to pursue Excellency in the area of Service robots and agile manufacturing system while we are trying to create value for industries by Connecting these two areas.

Believing in global research engagement, Middle East, Africa and South America, as strategic Geopolitical regions, are our next destinations to enjoy contribution of emerging fresh young talent researchers and mature virgin industrial market. Cooperation, collaboration and engagement are key strategies to proceed our mission and to serve as a hub of international researchers. We are keen to build unique strength and international reputation as a leading research group and trustable partner for industries in the field of Industrial Complex System as well as Robotics.